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Classification of cabinet boards

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Classification of cabinet boards

The cabinet panel refers to the door panel above the cabinet. As the "finishing touch" of kitchen decoration, people pay more attention to it, but there are not a few well-known brands on the market, but the prices are also high; there are countless mid-end brands on the market.

Therefore, cost performance has become a shopping guide in the minds of consumers. In this so-called face project, everyone is also picking and choosing; in the end, some friends are forced to sign a final agreement with the cabinet manufacturer that they may not be satisfied with. Choosing beautiful, practical and tasteful overall cabinets has become the focus of most people's kitchen decoration.

Cabinet boards can be divided into the following materials: solid wood, plastic, double-sided veneer, baking varnish, uv paint, classical matte paint, high-gloss acrylic and so on.

Solid wood cabinet board:

The cabinet door panels are made of solid wood, and the style is mostly classical, and the price is usually higher. Its door frame is made of solid wood. Solid wood door panels are divided into solid wood composite and pure solid wood door panels. Pure solid wood door panel means that the door frame and door core panel are all solid wood. Solid wood composite door panel, the door core is solid wood skin medium density board. In the production process, the surface of solid wood is generally embossed and painted on the outside to keep the color and appearance of the logs beautiful. In this way, the special visual effect of the solid wood can be guaranteed, and the combination of the frame and the core board can ensure the strength of the door panel.

Plastic cabinet board:

The base material of the blister board is density board, and the surface is made of vacuum blister, or a one-time seamless PVC film molding process is adopted. Plastic door panels are the most mature cabinet material, with rich colors, vivid wood grain, pure color, no cracking, no deformation, scratch resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, fading resistance, and easy daily maintenance. Plastic door panels are a very mature and popular cabinet material in Europe, but many domestic PVC plastic cabinet panels are of insufficient quality.

Molded door panels:

The medium density fiberboard is used as the base material, and the polyvinyl chloride is used as the veneer, and it is formed by high temperature hot pressing. It can be divided into two categories: matte template and high-gloss template, which can be processed into various shapes.

Melamine board:

The full name of melamine board is melamine impregnated paper veneer man-made board, which is to soak paper of different colors or textures in melamine resin glue, dry to a certain degree of curing, and spread it on the surface of particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard, and hot press Become. The melamine veneer door panel represented by the German Aijia panel has the advantages of smooth surface, no deformation, bright color, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the price is moderate. Pairing with natural notes gives a visual effect. The domestically produced melamine facing door panels are represented by Lushuihe panels.

Painted door:

The base material of the lacquer board is medium density board, and the surface adopts imported paint (three bottoms, two sides and one light), spraying and baking six times at high temperature. The "baking paint" used for cabinet panels only illustrates one process, that is, after painting, the base material door panels are heated and dried in the drying room.






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