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Does PVC sheet have formaldehyde?

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Does PVC sheet have formaldehyde?

PVC board does not have formaldehyde, but this is only for regular PVC board products, and some fake and inferior products cannot be guaranteed. Nowadays, many PVC products on the market use lead salt stabilizers, and this stabilization is harmful and harmful to the human body. Therefore, when choosing products, you must choose environmentally friendly products, and you must buy them at regular stores.

PVC board accounts for the largest proportion in the building materials industry, at 60%, followed by the packaging industry, and there are several other small-scale applications. According to the degree of softness and hardness, it can be divided into soft PVC and hard PVC. According to the production process, it can be divided into PVC skinned foam board and PVC free foam board. According to transparent and opaque, it can be divided into PVC transparent board and pvc board.

PVC foam board has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, non-absorbent, drillable, sawable, planable, easy to thermoform, hot bending processing, etc., so it is widely used in furniture, cabinets, bath cabinets, exhibition shelves, Box core layer, indoor and outdoor decoration, building materials, chemical industry and other fields, advertising signs, printing, silk screen, inkjet, computer lettering, electronic instrument product packaging and other industries.

PVC hard plastic board has excellent corrosion resistance, insulation, and certain mechanical strength; after secondary processing, it can be made into sulfuric acid (hydrochloric acid) tank (barrel box); empty needle holder for medicine, chemical process holder; public Toilet water tank; various special-shaped products and containers such as templates, decorative panels, exhaust ducts, equipment linings, etc. of processed products. It is an ideal material for chemical, building materials, decoration and other industries.


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