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Factory hot sell Color acrylic sheet

Factory hot sell Color acrylic sheet
Clear/transparency Color:
  • GS-Acrylic

  • Goldensign


In order to offer a good price, we need your kindly help to confirm us about the following details as the reference 

1. color (transparent, semitransparent, white, black, red, blue, green and as per customer's requirement)

2. thickness  (2mm~30mm)

3. size (1220x2440mm standard)

4. Quantity to check the delivery time

Packaging & Shipping

Acrylic Extruded/Cast clear sheet:

1. Per sheet: Both sides covered with kraft paper to protect surface, about 2000kg/2t per pallet.

2. Bulk Cargo Packing: 2 tons per tray, use wooden pallets on bottom, with packaging film package all around to ensure transportation security

Colored plexiglass/acrylic sheet/plastic sheet manufacturer


Products name: Acrylic sheet/PMMA

Sheet type: Cast Acrylic/Extrusion Acrylic

Thickness: 2-30mm

Size : 1.22 x 2.44M/2.05 x 3.05M

Density: 1.2g/cm3

Color: transparent/clear,colored for choose

Surface: high hardness and glossy

Lifetime in outdoor for clear/transparency Color: 1 years for 100% virgin raw material.

Lifetime for Colored Sheet: 5 years for 100% virgin raw material


The transparency for Cast acrylic sheet is more than 98%, Extruded acrylic sheet >92%

Light Transmission >92% for 100% virgin raw material

Application :

1. Cast Acrylic: engraving display, kitchen & bathroom furniture, construction decoration, work of arts etc

2. Extrusion Acrylic are widely used for advertising sheet, light box etc

Color & thickness:

The color for extruded acrylic sheet currently we mainly produce clear color for normal size 1220 x 2440, width 1.22-1.30m, and thickness range 1-5mm, the feature is easy to heating processing, in addition, the thickness tolerance for extruded acrylic sheet is lower than cast acrylic sheet as it is high-volume automated production, so the color and specification is inconvenient to adjust.


1. Very good transparency

  Clear acrylic sheet is colorless and transparent, its transparency is the topmost one in all plastic, its transmittance is more than >92% for 100% virgin raw material.

2. Good weather resistance

  Good adaptability to natural environment, long time under sunlight, wind and rain, its property will not change, Good aging resistance, it can be used safely outdoors.

3. Good mechanical processability

  Good dimension stability, the product will be beautiful and smooth after formation processing or fitting processing.

4. Light, safe in use

  Comparing with glass, its density is the half of glass, but the effects of use are just the same. Moreover, it will not scatter even if its break, so it is safe in use, because of this advantage, it is used widely as construction material to substitute ceramics.

5. Non-toxic

It won`t do harm to users, even for long time use, Gases emitted during burning are not poisonous.

6. Easy to process

Very easy to carry out the secondary processing, such as heating processing, mechanical processing, vacuum shaping, printing and coating.


Q1. What's the delivery time?
A: Within 10-15 days after received your deposit/payment.

Q2. Can i visit your factory?
It is ok, just tell me your schedule in advance, then we could arrange it for you.

Q3. Can you send samples?
yes, we would like to supply free samples, clients just pay for the freight charge, and we will reduce in the final PI.

Q4. How to keep the goods quality?
we have professional quality control and inspection workers check each board quality, including the size, thickness, surface, hadness, color, packing, etc. when load the container, we will take photos, videos, and keep the samples for the order. So for our new clients, there is no need to worry about it.



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