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How to distinguish the quality of PVC sheet?

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How to distinguish the quality of PVC sheet?

1. Smell the smell: When choosing PVC flooring, it is best to smell the product for pungent odor. The body is a revolutionary cost, and products that are not environmentally friendly cannot be used. Because the main raw material of PVC flooring in the production process is polyvinyl chloride , This kind of material itself will have a pungent smell, long-term smelling of this kind of smell will cause harm to human health.

2. Pull: When consumers buy PVC floor, it is best to pull the floor to see if it is easy to be deformed or even broken.

3. Pinch: Use your fingers to pinch the selected PVC floor to see if the floor will be pinched out, and it will not bounce for a long time, or it is hard to pinch at all, and there is no elasticity after pinching. If you pinch out pits or have no elasticity, it is a poor quality product. A good PVC plastic sports floor should have good rebound. Only if the rebound is good, the foot feels comfortable, and it can better protect the athletes.

4. Scratch: When purchasing, consumers may use something like a key lighter to scratch the floor surface to see if the floor surface will be damaged, and the degree of damage has been reached. The wear resistance of the floor can be seen very well.

5. Look: Consumers must look at the appearance of the product when buying, whether there is any color difference, fine or rough, look at the official test report and various parameters in the test report, look at whether there are patents, and see Look at the project case, look at the user's evaluation, etc., and then comprehensively evaluate the quality of the selected PVC flooring products.

6. Comparison: To make a comprehensive comparison, as the saying goes, shopping around does not suffer, and you are not afraid to shop around if you don’t know the products.



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