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How to distinguish the quality of acrylic material

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How to distinguish the quality of acrylic material

As an emerging material, acrylic is used in all walks of life. Nowadays, the quality of various acrylic products on the market is endless. It is not easy to choose a high-quality acrylic product. Therefore, goldensign provides you with a few How to distinguish the quality of acrylic:

1. Observation method: Generally, the high gloss and transparency of acrylic can be seen from the surface. If you feel that the acrylic has faded or the gloss is not high, it means that the quality of the acrylic material itself is not good;

2. Touching method: Anyone who is familiar with acrylic knows that the surface of high-quality acrylic has a bright color and a creamy feel to the hand. If there is a lime feeling on the surface, there will be some small pores if you look closely. Such materials are not recommended. selected;

3. Light transmission method: The principle of the light transmission method is that the light transmittance of acrylic is extremely high, and the light after passing through is a positive refraction method, which is an identification method derived from the absorption of light. Generally, acrylic products can emit positive light through light. If the white light is found to be yellow or blue, it means that there is a problem;

4. The principle of pasting method is to use the difference between the good acrylic sheet and the inferior acrylic sheet to distinguish it. The inferior acrylic sheet is difficult to separate after bonding, and the good quality acrylic sheet is easy to separate. .

In fact, there are many ways to identify the material of acrylic products, this is only a part of them, and it can also be used when identifying.






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