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What is an advertising board?

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What is an advertising board?


Although advertising boards are very common in our lives, most people are not very familiar with it now, so let's introduce what exactly is an advertising board? What does it do?

In fact, advertising boards are also called KT boards in daily life. Although they are called differently, they are the same product. The advertising boards are formed by foaming PS particles to form a board core and laminating on the surface. New material, the board is stiff and light. There are also many advantages when used, such as: not easy to deteriorate, easy to process, and can be directly screen-printed, painted, mounted on the board, and sprayed. This kind of advertising board is also widely used in advertising display promotion, architectural decoration, cultural art and packaging. So its effect is still quite big. In advertising, it is used for information release, exhibition, display and announcement mounting liners for product promotion. In addition, it is widely used in one-time screen printing, which is especially suitable for the development of large-scale unified publicity activities.

After understanding what an advertising board is and its function, let's take a look at its other basic information. Judging from the current situation, the relatively mature production process of advertising boards can be divided into cold composite and hot composite. The products produced by these two processes are called cold plates and hot plates. In the future, everyone can buy according to their own needs when choosing.

In short, the current advertising board plays a good role in publicity. I hope you have a certain understanding of it after reading it. If you need it, please feel free to contact us!



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