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How to choose high-quality acrylic sheet?

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How to choose high-quality acrylic sheet?

1. Identification of light transmittance: After a good acrylic sheet is irradiated with white light, the light transmitted is very pure, without yellowing or blue, and a good sheet has a higher light transmittance.

2. Thickness identification: An important feature of acrylic sheet is measured by thickness. Generally speaking, how thick is enough thickness. You must ask about the thickness when purchasing. This is the key factor.

3. Fire identification: good acrylic is not suitable for burning, and will not produce unpleasant odors during processing. Many materials on the market are fake, this can be a try with what they say.

In addition, good acrylic blister sheets can be separated even after they are baked soft, but it is difficult to separate the poor materials after they are baked soft.

4. Identification of soft rubber edges: New boards and good materials are packaged with soft rubber edges at the factory, in order to prevent rubbing. So this can be used as a method to distinguish recycled materials from new boards.

5. Quality comparison method: Good board manufacturers generally provide samples and actual products. You can compare and check according to the color and some parameters, and it is easier to identify.



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