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What is PVC Foam Board?

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PVC Foam Board is a light, soft and durable board. Due to its flatness, bright, smooth surface, it is an ideal choice for construction, architecture, transpotation, signage & furniture . Its main material is PVC resin powder, activated light calcium carbonate and other foaming additives. The board has a uniform closed cell structure and many properties.

According to different applications, manufacturers produce PVC board with thickness of 3-24mm thickness, 1220x2440mm(4*8ft) size, and general density 0.30-0.90g/cm3. White is the most widely used color in PVC board. There are three production technologies in PVC production industry: free method, Celuka method and co-extrusion method. Each method has its own unique physical properties and applications.

How Many Advantages and Benefits Does PVC Foam Board Have?

1. Strong and durable

PVC board is strong and durable because the structure of its component molecules.

2. Non-Toxic

PVC foam boards are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly thermoplastic materials which is free of lead, barium, zinc, and cadmium.

3. Flammability: self-extinguishing

PVC board could prevent fire effectively compare to plywood board.

4. Water-Resistant

PVC foam board is water-resistant due to its composition.

5. Anti-Corrosion

PVC doesn't react with chemicals. This keeps its color and state intact and prevent the board from deforming.

6. Soundproof

The board can not completely insulate the sound, but it can effectively stop the sound transmission.

7. Electrical insulating

PVC is an electrical insulating material, making it a ideal choice in transporation.

8. Easily formed and painted

PVC can be easily cut to any shape or painted to any color to suit your requirement.

9. Long life span

PVC doesn't react with chemicals in humid environment. So its life span is long than other board.

10. Saving cost

These boards don't require any extra maintenance when using them.

What Are PVC foam Board Used For?

1. Construction & Architecture

2. External wall panels

3. Partition boards

4. Garage doors

5. Commercial, residential, public and office buildings






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