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Requirements for the paint surface in the production of PVC foam board

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Requirements for the paint surface in the production of PVC foam board

1. What should be paid attention to when designing the paint surface of PVC foam board?

The surface of the PVC foam board is smooth and hard, and it is not easy to produce scratches. For example, the painting process of PVC cabinets and PVC bathroom cabinets. So what are the requirements for the paint surface when producing PVC foam boards? The engraving machine can be shaped according to the design drawing, and then choose the surface with the Millenian slate or coating; however, pay attention to the hollow foam board. If the surface is not smooth, it can only be vacuum overmolded. The material should be a 2mm thick polyvinyl chloride board. Bending is only suitable for solid foam boards, not for hollow foam boards. The processing method is to use upper and lower molds to cover the surface of the wooden mold with aluminum plates, and then heat the solid foam board to 70°C and the plasticizing temperature to 90°C. Extrude directly from the upper and lower molds. In the extrusion production of self-adhesive PVC, wood grains with different patterns can be printed on the surface as required, eliminating unnecessary processing procedures.

PVC foam board can be coated. According to the different processing methods, it can be divided into ordinary baking varnish, piano baking varnish and ceramic baking varnish. Anti-ultraviolet ingredients are added to the piano baking varnish to avoid surface discoloration; in terms of surface hardness, ceramic baking varnish has the advantage of scratch resistance. PVC foam board is very popular and sought after in the decorative material market. Many users will choose it for home decoration and increase beauty. But careful friends will find that some PVC foam boards will have bubbles on the surface after long-term use, which affects their beauty.

So what are the reasons for these bubbles in the PVC foam board?

The coating is sprayed after vigorous stirring, which will make the surface of the PVC foam board still foam, so it should be left for 10-15 minutes until the bubbles disappear before spraying. Then there is the incomplete processing of the substrate, which means that the substrate needs to be completely closed, and the substrate should be polished and smooth, without grooves or pinholes. After that, the surface contains a lot of moisture, the humidity is too high, and the ambient temperature is too high. Once this happens, the surface of the PVC foam board can be thoroughly dried to avoid construction in a high temperature and high humidity environment. Finally, the viscosity is too high, the solvent contains water, or the compressed air contains water or oil contamination. In this case, you can use the prescribed solvent and dilute proportionally, or use an oil-water separator to filter the compressed air and require regular drainage.

2. Will the PVC foam board deform in the sun?

The softening temperature of PVC foam board is about 75-80°C. If exposed outdoors, it is likely to reach this temperature, so it will deform.

The reason for the deformation of the PVC foam board: it is deformed due to high temperature during the production process.

Solution: Targeted modification of high-temperature-resistant plastic raw materials can effectively improve such problems.

There are two reasons for the deformation caused by incorrect manufacturing. One is that the physical properties of the raw material of the plate cannot meet the actual requirements of the product.

Solution: Redistribute the raw material formula to meet the actual demand of the product.

Incorrect processing and storage methods can cause deformation. Such problems can be solved from the root cause.


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